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Love Letters from the Guides


"Self-love is the fastest way to raise your own consciousness & the ripple effect cannot be denied."

Hello dear ones, we are so grateful to be with you here.

We are speaking now of the topic of utmost importance - self love.


“We can’t, that’s too selfish.” “We should be putting other people’s needs before our own.” “We should watch out for the greater good.” “We should think collectively, not individually - think of the long-term.” “Where would we be if everyone was selfish and self-centered and put their own needs first?”

No, no, dear ones. We have not been clear enough. Love yourself so hard that you are bursting at the seams with happiness and cannot but help to give from your overflow. Bask in your own value so surely and staunchly that you cannot help but reach out to lift another up. Appreciate your choices and thoughts and actions all day long, small and large, in your self-talk until it is, of course, the way that you speak to others as well.

You do not just raise yourself when you get in touch with the amazing value of who you really are. You move your entire perspective up, which raises up the level at which you interact with others. Which raises up the level at which they relate to themselves - and then others. Which brings the heart-opening, joy-creating escalation to others and other and others.

Self-love is the fastest way to raise your own consciousness, and the ripple effect cannot be denied. The peace and Truth that radiate from one who is at peace and loving their self is positively contagious. Be the peace, the love, the inspiration. Be the domino who knocks the next one over in the chain of remembering self-love. Be the change for good.

With love,

The Guides

Shared by Heather King


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