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Fill Your Life With Goodness!

From the Guides...

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Messages from the Guides: Love Letters from the Other Side
Dear Ones,
These are our love letters to you.
Let yourself be swept away by your beauty as we see you. Let yourself be swirled up in our eternal enthusiasm for Who You Are.
Let yourself remember how truly amazing you are. Always.
The Guides
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Messages from the Guides: On Death & Dying
Oh Dear Ones,
Do not be afraid of this thing you call "death." Death is delightful! Death is a release back into your true state. If you were only able to remember, you would know that dying is one of your soul's very favorite things to do.
Let our words comfort you and help you Remember. We promise, returning to the Other Side is lovely. Always.

From Heather...

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Dancing With the Light: A Parable of Remembrance
A short parable to help you remember Who You Are, especially when the way seems dim.
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