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Love Letters from the Guides


"It is through letting go that you allow space to hear the whispers of your Higher Self."

Hello dear ones!

As always, we are delighted to be with you! We are touched beyond measure that Heather is making such efforts to craft a way to share our words with those of you bravely living and loving and learning on the Earth school. We know that it is not an easy path and we are humble in our gratitude for the role that we get to play in supporting you there.

Today we speak to you of the power of letting go.

Letting go is one of the most powerful skills to use, and use fervently, while learning the lessons of the Earth School. While we will speak of the power of love for all time as the only true power and the most important thing, letting go is one of the qualities that ranks very high in the next tier down.

It is though letting go that you allow space for God. It is through letting go that you allow space to hear the whispers of your Higher Self, your innate wisdom.

It is through letting go that you move into a place of trust and wonder and delight, rather than fear and control and tight-fisted, goodness-blocking worry.

For here is what happens when you let go. As the saying goes, when you let go, you let God. You open a space to let God whisper to you - and you can hear her subtle frequency. When you let go and let God, you rise into the highest energy frequency of yourself that you can reach from the physical plane. You gain access to all of the support that only that highest version of yourself can reach and hear and act on.

When you let go, you free the energy system that surrounds your body from the clanking, clanging, disparate energy that comes from worry and fear and doubt and self-judgement. It is as if you hit a cosmic Reset button and those energies are released, creating … space.

And oh, the space that is created! It is naturally filled with goodness and grace and wonder and glory. And POSSIBILITY! The default setting of the clean space around you is that of glorious, exciting, dreams-come-true manifestation! It is a miasma of wonder - just WAITING to solidify into something delightful, something that your heart and soul long for. Do you ever wonder where the things you hope for come from? It is from this clean, clear space around you - from the interaction of your prayers and requests and intentions and actions. The strength of one fuels the strength of the other. When your goals are strong, your prayers are heartfelt, your self-love is humming along...and then you let go? Wow! That’s when things can really happen. That’s when you clear out the energy of resistance that surrounds your personal energy system - or rather, the portion of the universal energy system that is distilled into primarily focusing on you as you understand it to be - and things can really start smokin’. In a good way. In the way that we feel your hearts long so keenly for.

So, dear ones . . . LET. GO. Your worries truly do not serve you. They do not provide mythical protection against the things you worry about coming to pass. They do not give you bonus points for preparedness for any situation. They do not calm your mind because you are now “prepared for the worst”. They just block all that you so desperately want from having the space to bloom.

So here is what to do. It really is not so very difficult. Well, it is not very complicated, at any rate.

The truth is, every worry, every judgment that the wrong thing will happen, is a turning-away from the Perfection that is always, always, running in the Universe. Our God lovingly sees and holds and orchestrates SO FAR beyond our comprehension that it is hard even for us from our non-physical perspective to comprehend. Our Creator understand the ripple effects of every action, every thought, every event and possible event forward and back in our understanding of time, and she is always weaving and weaving our Highest Good. She sees and she gives. Always, always she gives. But worry acts as a block, a wall. It does not block God’s actions out, for nothing can do that, but it makes it oh-so-hard for the intended benefits to manifest on the physical level.

Pray instead, dear ones. When the temptation of worry arises, or when worry is already in full force . . . PRAY. Pray with the certainty that our beloved Creator is hearing every word, every plea. Pray with the knowing that our faith is the agar that creates a ready source of nourishment for all that we wish to manifest. When the worry is thick and hard and overwhelming and scary, PRAY for it to be lifted, to be released up into the highest realms of Light and Love and then transmuted back into pure Source energy. And when you are worried about letting go of the magic protective charm of worry, pray for that fear to lift as well.

Pray to feel and Know in every cell of your being and in every layer of your energy system that All is Well, all is in divine order. And when it feels horrible, horrible, horrible in the midst of your Earthly experience, try try try to reach that knowing deep within you that in the non-physical realms, all is well. Your soul’s desire to learn and grow and experience will always trump an easy physical life. We understand that that is not always a welcome message to hear on the physical level, but nonetheless, it is true. Worry just posits the notion that “this thing that I fear should not happen” and blocks the Highest Good from coming forth with ease. It ironically, painfully, blocks the very things that you hope for.

So, dear ones, let go. Let God. She is always, always at the ready to help. Release your worries and know that on your soul’s desired path of learning, all is well. Always. And we are here with you offering compassionate strength for the times that that is still really, really hard on the human level. Hang in there.

We love you, dear ones.


The Guides

Shared by Heather King


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