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Love Letters from the Guides


"There is deliciousness all around you, yours for the asking"

What’s all this grumpiness? What’s all this crabbiness? Don’t you realize that you are in the midst of a delicious, delicious road trip? You are in Hawaii on the golden shores with a cool drink in your hand. You are at the peak of a mountain, with fresh air and trees all around you and a gorgeous vista as far as you can see. You are an explorer, an adventurer, off on the adventure of a lifetime. That is what your human life is. You LOVE incarnating for your trips to Earth. You get so excited, you plan the details. You have glorious visions of what you will learn, see, do. You make plans for who you will meet and what you will join up to do together, or who you will birth together. There is nothing about the upcoming trip that you are not excited about.

But what do we see now? We see you sitting on the couch, snarled up in a ball of grump. You know that there is deliciousness all around you, yours for the asking, yet you knowingly choose to sit and be a lump of grump. Ah, we feel you lightening up now. That is good.

This human experience is the crown jewel in the universe. No, you will not always feel the best while you are human. You will not know all that you know when you are in other states. You may experience physical pain or loss or fear. But we tell you this, dear sweetheart, you LOVE being human. You bounce on the balls of your figurative feet when you are in the planning stages for your next trip. You KNOW that you will spend some time slogging through the blech that comes with being human, but you also keenly know, and highly anticipate, the deliciousness.

When you are non-physical, you do not experience contrast. You are surrounded by beauty and peace and joy and happiness, but … sometimes it’s fun to have a little challenge. What would a video game be without new levels to climb to? What would sports be without new levels to master? What would art be without further and further reaches into beauty and self-expression? And what would an eternal existence be without times to learn and grown and remember, whether in the midst of peace or challenges, that it’s all about love?

With eternal love,

The Guides

Shared by Heather King


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